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Embark on an Enchanting Journey with Encounters Travel: Discover the Mysteries of Egypt and the Middle East!

Picture yourself tracing the footsteps of pharaohs, explorers, and legends with Encounters Travel, your ultimate guide to the mystical lands of Egypt and the Middle East. This is not just a trip; it's a foray into the heart of civilizations that have shaped the world.

Egypt: Where History Breathes
Imagine standing before the majestic Great Pyramids of Giza, feeling the ancient pulse of history under your feet. With Encounters Travel, you'll delve deep into Egypt's rich heritage, from the Sphinx's enigmatic gaze to the colorful chaos of Cairo's bazaars. Sail on a felucca across the Nile, wander through the Valley of the Kings, and be mesmerized by the temples of Karnak and Philae. Egypt is a treasure trove of stories waiting to be discovered, and every corner tells a tale thousands of years in the making.

Jordan: A Blend of Antiquity and Nature
Next, let Jordan captivate you with its stunning contrasts. From the rose-red city of Petra, a wonder etched into the very cliffs, to the buoyant waters of the Dead Sea. Encounters Travel ensures every moment in Jordan is a blend of adventure and awe. Explore ancient Roman ruins, experience the hospitality of a Bedouin camp under starlit skies, and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of history and nature.

Lebanon: A Mosaic of Cultures and Landscapes:
In Lebanon, witness a land where modernity and tradition converge. Beirut, with its vibrant streets, contrasts with the serenity of the ancient Baalbek temple complex. Savor Lebanese cuisine, explore enchanting cedar forests, and delve into the Qadisha Valley's spiritual depth. Each day in Lebanon is a new chapter of discovery.

Personalized and Stress-Free
With Encounters Travel, the journey is tailored to your interests. Whether you seek adventure, cultural immersion, relaxation, or a blend of all, their flexible itineraries and expert local guides promise an unforgettable experience. Choose from a variety of tours, from small group adventures to private, family-focused explorations. Every detail is meticulously planned, ensuring a stress-free, enriching travel experience.

Why Choose Encounters Travel?
- Expertise and Passion: Their deep knowledge and love for these regions shine through in every tour.
- Tailor-Made Journeys: Tours crafted to your interests, ensuring a personalized experience.
- Quality and Comfort: Handpicked accommodations and experiences for the utmost comfort.
- Cultural Immersion: Authentic experiences that offer a true taste of local life.

Don’t just dream about the wonders of Egypt and the Middle East; live them with Encounters Travel. Every moment is a story, every site a marvel, and every experience a cherished memory. Book your journey now and step into a world where ancient history and modern wonders coexist in perfect harmony!

"A Journey Through Time: My Unforgettable Adventure with Encounters Travel in Egypt and the Middle East" Today, as I sit under a starlit sky in the heart of the Middle East, I feel compelled to share my extraordinary journey, a tapestry of history, culture, and natural beauty, woven together by Encounters Travel. In the Shadow of the Pyramids My adventure began in Egypt, a land that's always sparked my imagination. Encounters Travel promised a deep dive into the country's ancient mysteries, and oh, did they deliver! Standing in the shadow of the Great Pyramids of Giza was surreal. I touched the weathered stones, each a silent witness to millennia. As our guide spun tales of pharaohs and gods, I felt transported back to the days of ancient Egypt. Sailing the Nile One of the highlights was sailing on the Nile. Aboard a traditional felucca, we glided past villages and palm-fringed banks. The gentle flow of the river was like a melody, soothing and constant. It was in these moments, watching life unfold along the Nile, that I truly connected with the soul of Egypt. Petra: A Rose-Red Wonder The journey continued to Jordan, a land of contrasts and ancient wonders. The moment I set eyes on Petra, the "Rose City," my breath was taken away. Carved into blush-pink cliffs, it stood majestic and mysterious. Wandering through this ancient city, I couldn't help but marvel at the ingenuity of those who built it. Nights in Wadi Rum In Jordan's Wadi Rum, I experienced the desert as I never had before. A night spent in a Bedouin camp, under a blanket of stars, was magical. The silence of the desert, the stories shared around the fire, and the warm hospitality of our Bedouin hosts were experiences I'll treasure forever. Lebanon's Hidden Charms Lebanon was the surprise of the trip. In Beirut, I found a city pulsating with life, its streets a blend of history and modernity. The Lebanese cuisine was a revelation – each meal was a celebration of flavors. Visiting the ancient ruins of Baalbek, I was struck by the rich layers of history that define this region. Reflections Now, as my journey with Encounters Travel draws to a close, I'm filled with gratitude. This trip wasn't just about seeing new places; it was about experiencing them. The knowledgeable guides, the meticulously planned itinerary, and the personal touches made all the difference. As I pack my bags, I'm not just taking souvenirs. I'm taking stories, memories, and a piece of each country's soul. To anyone yearning for adventure, I can't recommend Encounters Travel enough. It's more than travel; it's a journey through time, a window into the soul of some of the world's most fascinating regions.


Sarah, a University Student from the UK
"As a history major, I've always been drawn to the stories of ancient civilizations. So, when I embarked on my Egyptian adventure with Encounters Travel, it felt like stepping into a history book. The Pyramids of Giza were more majestic than I ever imagined, and our guide, Ahmed, was a treasure trove of information, making each site come alive with fascinating tales and historical facts. But it wasn't just the big sites that impressed me; it was the little moments too, like sipping tea with locals in a Cairo café, that truly enriched my understanding of Egyptian culture. This trip was more than just a break from my university routine; it was a deep, immersive journey that has left a lasting impression on me, both academically and personally."


Anita, a Professional Chef from India
"As a chef, I've always believed that food is a universal language, a way to connect with people and cultures. My culinary exploration through Lebanon with Encounters Travel was exactly that. The vibrant, bustling markets of Beirut were a sensory overload in the best way possible. Sampling traditional dishes, learning about unique spices, and the wine tasting in the ancient Ksara Caves were experiences that went beyond mere taste. It was about understanding the history and culture behind the food. The highlight was a cooking class where I learned to make authentic Lebanese dishes – something I can't wait to recreate in my kitchen back home. This journey wasn't just a culinary adventure; it was an inspirational and educational experience that has enriched my skills and broadened my culinary horizons."


Frankie, an Entrepreneur from Brazil
"As an entrepreneur, I’m always seeking new ideas and inspiration, and my journey through the Middle East with Encounters Travel provided just that. The contrast between ancient traditions and modern innovation in places like Cairo and Beirut was eye-opening. Walking through the ancient streets of Cairo, seeing the Pyramids, and then experiencing the city's bustling, modern heart was a lesson in how history shapes our present and future. In Beirut, the blend of old and new architecture, along with the entrepreneurial spirit of the locals, was incredibly inspiring. This trip was more than just a holiday; it was a journey filled with lessons in innovation, resilience, and the importance of preserving cultural heritage while embracing progress. I've returned with a notebook full of ideas and a heart full of memories."


Emily, a Soccer Mom from Australia
"Winning a trip to the Middle East with Encounters Travel was like a dream come true! As a soccer mom back home, my life usually revolves around football matches and family. This journey offered me an escape into a world brimming with adventure, history, and unforgettable experiences.

In Egypt, standing in front of the majestic Pyramids of Giza was a moment of awe. I felt as if I were part of a living history book, one I'd only read about to my kids. The serene cruise down the Nile was a tranquil contrast to my usually hectic life, allowing me to soak in the ancient beauty of Egypt's landscapes and monuments.

But it was in a small village in Jordan where I found an unexpected connection. After exploring the breathtaking city of Petra, we visited a local village where, to my delight, a group of children were playing football. Joining their game was a joyous experience, bridging language and cultural barriers with the universal language of sports. It was a simple yet profound moment that reminded me of home, yet felt wonderfully different.

The night in Wadi Rum under the stars was another highlight. The calmness of the desert night was a rare experience for me, a moment to reflect and appreciate the beauty and tranquility of nature.

Lebanon was a delightful surprise with its vibrant streets of Beirut, the rich flavors of Lebanese cuisine, and historical wonders like the Baalbek temple complex. Every experience was a feast for the senses, offering cultural insights I had never imagined.

This journey with Encounters Travel was more than just a vacation; it was an adventure that enriched my soul and broadened my perspective. I returned home with a heart full of memories, stories to share with my family, and a renewed spirit of adventure. This trip was a reminder that the world is vast and full of wonders, waiting to be explored, with or without a football in hand."

South America


South America is a continent that captivates with its staggering diversity and vibrant culture, offering a rich tapestry of experiences for every traveler. From the awe-inspiring Amazon Rainforest to the majestic Andes Mountains, the natural landscapes are breathtakingly diverse. Visitors can explore ancient Incan ruins at Machu Picchu in Peru, witness the thundering Iguazu Falls bordering Argentina and Brazil, or marvel at the surreal salt flats of Uyuni in Bolivia. The continent is also home to some of the world's most dynamic and colorful cities, like Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, Buenos Aires in Argentina, and Bogotá in Colombia, each offering a unique blend of history, cuisine, and nightlife. South American cuisine, with its array of flavors ranging from the Argentinian asado to Peruvian ceviche, is a delight for food lovers. The warmth and hospitality of its people, coupled with rich traditions in music and dance like salsa, tango, and samba, ensure a journey filled with warmth and rhythm. Adventure seekers, cultural enthusiasts, and nature lovers alike will find South America a destination that not only meets but exceeds their expectations in every way.

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