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Govee Permanent Outdoor Lights, Smart RGBIC 
a box with a remote control and a phone
  • Festive RGBIC Lighting: Offers 75 scene modes and 16 million color options to brighten up any occasion.

  • Unique Lighting Effects: Innovative lens design creates a stunning triangular effect with great wall washing depth.

  • Robust Outdoor Durability: Enhanced with anti-UV material and IP67 waterproof rating, ensuring longevity in various weather conditions.

  • Effortless Installation: Equipped with VHB glue and clips for quick setup, plus waterproof joints for secure splicing.

  • Smart App & Voice Control: Use the Govee Home App for easy control or pair with Alexa and Google Assistant for hands-free operation.

  • Energy-Efficient Design: Each light offers bright illumination at 26 lumens while being energy-conscious and durable.

I recently revamped my outdoor space with the Govee Permanent Outdoor Lights, and honestly, it's been a game changer! I was looking for something to add that extra sparkle for our family gatherings and holiday celebrations, and these lights delivered beyond my expectations. The sheer variety of colors and scenes transforms our backyard into a festive paradise, especially during Christmas and New Year's Eve parties. They've withstood some pretty harsh weather conditions too, which is a relief. The installation was straightforward – the VHB glue and clips made it a breeze, and I love how I can control each light individually through the Govee Home App. It's so convenient to change the mood right from my phone. And talking to Alexa to control the lights? That's just the cherry on top! If you're considering giving your outdoor space a vibrant and modern upgrade, these lights are a must-try. - Jamie T.

Govee Smart Outdoor String Lights, RGBIC
a smart home with a remote control
  • Creative DIY Mode: Offers 16 million colors and 47 scene modes for personalized lighting experiences.

  • Smart App & Voice Control: Easily managed through the Govee Home App or voice commands with Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility.

  • RGBIC Lighting Effect: Each LED can display multiple colors simultaneously, adding depth and vibrancy to your space.

  • Music Sync Mode: Lights react to music with an integrated mic, perfect for lively gatherings and parties.

  • IP65 Waterproof Rating: Durable and weather-resistant, suitable for various outdoor conditions.

  • Extended Length and Flexibility: The 96ft length (2 ropes of 48ft) provides ample coverage for balconies, gardens, or patios.

So, I upgraded my backyard with the Govee Smart Outdoor String Lights, and let me tell you, they're a hit at every party! The flexibility to customize colors and scenes really makes our outdoor gatherings feel special. I've played around with the DIY mode, matching the lights to various themes – it's like having a new backyard every time! Connecting them to Alexa has been a breeze, and controlling them with voice commands feels futuristic. My favorite feature? The Music Sync Mode. It turns our casual get-togethers into vibrant dance parties! Plus, their durability and waterproof design mean I don't have to worry about the unpredictable weather. These lights have truly transformed our outdoor space into an enchanting retreat. Marcus L.

Govee Christmas Lights
a string light with a phone and a box
  • Customizable Colors: Independently choose from 16 million colors for each LED bead to match your holiday theme and mood.

  • Interactive Gaming Mode: Adds a playful, interactive element to holiday decor, perfect for family fun.

  • Durable & Weather-Resistant: IP65 waterproof rating and cold-resistant material, ensuring longevity and reliability through various weather conditions.

  • 99+ Scene Modes: Offers a vast array of dynamic, preset lighting options suitable for any festive occasion.

  • Music Sync Functionality: Built-in mic detects and syncs with your favorite holiday beats, creating a lively, rhythmic light show.

  • Versatile Decorating Options: Ideal for a range of decorations, from tree trunks to patios, with a convenient 33ft length for ample coverage.

I'm not usually one for decking the halls, but these Govee Christmas Lights have changed my tune! Their customizable colors and dynamic scenes turned my 'meh' living room into a winter wonderland. I was jamming to my holiday playlist, and the lights synced perfectly with my tunes, pulsating to the beat - it was like Santa's disco in my house! The interactive gaming mode was a hit with my kids; we had more laughs and fun than we've had in ages. They're sturdy too - survived a surprise snowstorm and my toddler's curious hands. And setting them up? A breeze! I swear, even the Grinch would crack a smile with these lights. Highly recommend for anyone looking to add some extra cheer (and color!) to their holiday decor. Jackson T.

Govee Outdoor Spot Lights, Christmas Decoration
a device with a screen and a pair of lights
  • RGBIC Color Changing Technology: Offers separate light color settings for each spotlight, enhancing your outdoor ambiance with 35 vibrant scene modes.

  • Focused Illumination: Adjustable brightness to light up a larger area, perfect for highlighting outdoor plants, sculptures, and Christmas decorations.

  • Durable & Weatherproof: IP65 waterproof rating and heatproof design ensure these spotlights withstand various outdoor conditions.

  • Wi-Fi & Voice Control: Compatible with Alexa and Google Home for convenient hands-free control, plus remote control via the Govee Home App.

  • Versatile App Features: Includes timers, DIY color modes, and music sync, allowing for personalized and dynamic outdoor lighting experiences.

  • Simple Installation: Easy to set up as either ground insertions or wall-mounted fixtures, ideal for garden, yard, or pathway accent lighting.

I totally jazzed up my garden with these Govee Outdoor Spot Lights, and oh boy, are they a game changer! As someone who loves to host outdoor parties, these lights have brought a whole new vibe to my events. The array of colors and scene modes transformed my backyard into a magical wonderland - it's like stepping into a fairy tale every evening. They're super easy to install; I had them lighting up my favorite sculptures and trees in no time. And when it rains? No worries, these little guys are as tough as they are pretty. The best part? I control them all with my voice through Alexa - it impresses my guests every time. These lights are not just for Christmas; they're a year-round delight for anyone who loves a bit of outdoor flair. Melissa S.

Govee Envisual TV LED Backlight T2 with Dual Cameras
a screen with a colorful picture and a device
  • Govee Patented Envisual Technology: Delivers precise color matching with dual cameras, enhancing the viewing experience with accurate edge-to-edge lighting.

  • Universal Content Compatibility: Seamlessly adjusts to all types of TV content including shows, sports, and games, ensuring a cohesive and dynamic viewing experience.

  • DreamView Light Show: Connect multiple Govee lights for an encompassing, personalized light show, transforming your space into a vibrant viewing arena.

  • Versatile App Control: Easy management with the Govee Home App, offering multiple lighting modes and the ability to adjust brightness and color.

  • Enhanced RGBIC Lighting: Upgraded with 60 LEDs/m for a denser and more vivid light distribution, intensifying the immersive experience during movies and gaming.

  • Optimized for User Experience: Tips for better calibration and usage included, ensuring optimal performance and color accuracy in various lighting conditions.

Ever since I installed the Govee Envisual TV LED Backlight T2 on my 65-inch TV, my movie nights have been nothing short of spectacular. The dual cameras do a fantastic job of color-matching, making the entire room feel like an extension of the screen. It's like having my own private cinema! Whether it's an action-packed movie or a thrilling game session, these backlights sync perfectly, adding an extra layer of excitement. The DreamView feature is my personal favorite, as it connects all my Govee lights, immersing my entire living space in vibrant colors. Using the Govee Home App is a breeze, and the range of modes, especially the Music Mode, really sets the mood. These lights have not just enhanced my viewing experience but have become a talking point at every gathering. A must-have for any entertainment enthusiast! Jackson S.

Govee Smart LED Light Bars
a light bar with a phone and a box
  • Innovative RGBICWW Technology: Creates rainbow-like effects with 16 million colors, enhancing the ambiance for gaming, movies, or music.

  • Music Sync Capability: Internal high-sensitivity mic allows the light bars to react and move with the beats of your music or gaming audio.

  • Voice Control Integration: Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant for convenient, hands-free control of light settings and effects.

  • Comprehensive App Control: The Govee Home App offers extensive customization, including segmented color control, brightness adjustments, and user-generated effects.

  • Flexible Installation Options: Can be laid flat, stood vertically, or mounted behind monitors or TVs, adaptable to various settings and preferences.

  • Versatile Usage: Ideal for gaming setups but equally effective for creating dynamic lighting in any room, offering a modern and vibrant aesthetic.

I recently got the Govee Smart LED Light Bars to spruce up my gaming setup, and they've totally transformed my space! The RGBICWW technology brings out an incredible array of colors that perfectly match the vibe of any game I'm playing. What really blows me away is how these lights sync with the audio of my games and music, creating an immersive experience that's both visually and auditorily stimulating. The hands-free control with Alexa is super convenient, especially when I'm in the middle of a game and want to adjust the settings. I love the customization options on the Govee Home App; it lets me play around with colors and effects to match my mood. The installation was a breeze, and I appreciate the versatility in placement options. These light bars aren't just for gamers; they're a fantastic addition to any room looking for a touch of modern, dynamic lighting. Amelia R.

Govee Glide Hexa Light Panels, RGBIC Hexagon LED Wall Lights
a cell phone and hexagons
  • Creative Customization: Personalize your space with unique designs or use recommended layouts from the app, perfect for holiday décor or gaming setups.

  • Innovative RGBIC Technology: Each panel displays multiple colors simultaneously, creating stunning and fluid light effects on your walls.

  • Music Sync Modes: The panels can sync with your music, adding an extra layer of immersion to your gaming or festive celebrations.

  • Animated Scene Effects: Choose from a variety of multicolor, animated scene modes inspired by nature and holidays, enhancing the ambiance of any room.

  • Smart App and Voice Control: Control your light panels with ease using the Govee Home App or voice commands via Alexa and Google Assistant.

  • Versatile Home Decor: Not just for gaming rooms, these hexagon panels are a stylish addition to any space, offering modern lighting solutions for living rooms, bedrooms, and more.

I've been on the lookout for something unique to add to my gaming room, and the Govee Glide Hexa Light Panels were just the thing. The customization is mind-blowing – I've created an arrangement that's not only an eye-catcher but also reflects my personal style. The RGBIC technology makes each panel glow with multiple colors, bringing a vibrant and dynamic feel to my space. What's really fun is the Music Sync feature. Watching the panels dance to the beats of my gaming soundtrack or Christmas tunes just elevates the whole experience. The Govee Home App's rich animated effects and scene modes provide endless possibilities, and voice control via Alexa is just the cherry on top. It's not just a lighting solution; it's a conversation starter and a mood enhancer, especially during the holidays. Honestly, these hexagon panels have transformed my room into a more lively and interactive space. Lucas J.

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