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a cartoon of a boy

Davy Spencer might be the new kid in school, but that doesn't mean he can't start as the most POPULAR kid.

With the help of his two best friends, Chuck and Annie, Davy throws himself into making viral YouTube videos with hilariously disastrous results.


If he can pull this off, then everybody at his new school will know his name before even meeting him.

Davy's YouTube channel has everything - awesome pranks? Check! School lunch reviews? Check! Undercover detention missions? Check! Getting duct taped to the wall? Check - wait, what?


Becoming a rockstar Youtuber isn't easy, but Davy won't give up... no matter how crazy things have to get.

Kid Youtuber is a funny children's book for ages 9-12, middle school students, and adults who never grew up.


Marcus Emerson is the author of Diary of a 6th Grade Ninja, The Super Life of Ben Braver, and Recess Warriors.

a man holding a bow and arrow

Daniel Petronelli's 'The Seed of Faith: A Christmas Miracle' transcends the typical seasonal read, offering a richly woven narrative set in the quaint village of Shiloh. It tells a compelling story of resilience and hope as a group of boys, lost in a fierce storm, find themselves in the care of an enigmatic stranger. The book’s twists and heartfelt conclusion captivate both young and mature readers, inviting them to reflect on the profound themes of faith and altruism. Complemented by Emily Pritchett's warm and evocative illustrations, the story is a visually and emotionally engaging experience, meriting the accolades of distinguished awards and critics. It's an inspirational testament to the notion that the essence of Christmas and the miracles it holds persist beyond the holiday itself, encouraging readers to harbor faith that's as enduring as it is small and mighty, throughout the entire year.

a book cover of a book with a couple of children walking in the snow

The Seed of Faith: A Christmas Miracle" is not just another holiday story; it's a heartfelt journey wrapped in the warmth of a Christmas miracle. As we dive into the small foothill village of Shiloh, author Daniel Petronelli masterfully recounts a father's tale of young boys, lost and battling a storm, whose lives intersect with a mysterious stranger. The unexpected turns and the surprise ending will keep children and adults alike cheering for the characters, all the while pondering the deeper messages of faith and compassion that resonate throughout the tale.


Emily Pritchett's illustrations deserve a special mention, as they bring the story to life with a soft, painterly touch that radiates a comforting glow, adding an extra layer of charm to this award-winning book. Recognized by prestigious awards like the Pencraft Christian Children's Book Award and lauded by Kirkus Reviews, this book is a treasure trove of spiritual insights, teaching us the importance of neighborly love and the impact of our actions.


This narrative goes beyond the seasonal celebration, reminding us that miracles aren't just for Christmas and that faith, as small as a mustard seed, can have profound implications in our lives. It's a tale that promises to ignite a spark of belief in miracles and the enduring power of faith, all year round.

a book cover with a group of people walking in the woods

The Giant Forest," authored by the father-daughter team of Bill and Mia Belew, opens the doors to a captivating middle-grade adventure that speaks directly to the young heart's quest for companionship and belonging.


This first installment in the 'Growing Up Aimi' series introduces us to Aimi, a character brimming with the hopes and challenges of youth, who is embarking on a journey that promises more than just fun at church camp.


Aimi's simple wish for friendship leads her to face the unexpected twists of a mysterious giant forest, where the essence of true friendship shines through adversity and trials. The story is crafted to resonate with children ages 9-12, weaving in the Christian values of trust, courage, and the kind of camaraderie that warms the soul.


Perfect for young readers who delight in stories of courage and adventure, "The Giant Forest" is more than a book—it's an expedition into the heart of faith and friendship. Gift this story to your child and watch them join Aimi in a tale where lasting bonds are formed and the true adventure is in the growth along the way.

a video game cover with a cartoon character

Dive into the pixelated world of "Diary of an 8-Bit Warrior," a best-selling unofficial Minecraft adventure that's captured the hearts of thousands of young readers. Written by Cube Kid, this imaginative narrative is a fusion of the familiar Minecraft universe with a coming-of-age tale that's both relatable and inspiring.

Follow the young protagonist, Runt, a 12-year-old with aspirations that soar far beyond his small-town options of being a farmer, crafter, or miner. With determination and a heart full of dreams, Runt sets his sights on becoming a warrior, seeking to emulate his hero, Steve. 

This first volume in the series is a teachers' pick for a reason—it’s not just an exciting adventure but a story about pursuing your passions and proving yourself against all odds. Kids will love the connection to their favorite game, while parents will appreciate the engaging storytelling that encourages perseverance and self-discovery.

Perfect for fans of Minecraft aged 8 and up, "Diary of an 8-Bit Warrior" promises a quest filled with challenges, goals, and the spirit of adventure, all set within the creative and ever-expanding Minecraft world. If your child is ready to embark on an epic journey of growth and adventure, Cube Kid’s beloved series awaits.

a cartoon of a boy

"The Amazing Surfbots: Catastrophic Current" is a dynamic read for children aged 6-9, blending superhero action with surfing excitement. Written by Sascha Utecht with engaging illustrations by Luis Peres, this book introduces Curly, Mick, and Duke—robots on a daring rescue mission against challenging ocean currents.


Designed for early and hesitant readers, the book combines vivid imagery with easy-to-follow text.


Emphasizing teamwork, friendship, and courage, the series has been praised for its motivational storytelling and educational glimpses into marine life. It's not just an adventure; it's an inspiration for young readers to delve into reading while learning about nature and values.


"The Amazing Surfbots" promises more adventures that entertain and educate, becoming a potential favorite among young readers.

a cartoon of a man holding a sword and a shield

Jason: Quest for the Golden Fleece" is a riveting graphic novel adaptation of the legendary Greek myth. Created by Jeff Limke with the artistry of Tim Seeley, this edition brings a classic tale to a young, modern audience. In this story, readers will follow the journey of Jason, a rightful prince of Argos, who has been cast aside by his power-hungry uncle, Pelias. 



Determined to reclaim his stolen throne, Jason is tasked with the almost impossible mission of capturing the enchanted Golden Fleece from the distant realm of Colchis. Alongside a band of renowned Greek warriors, Jason confronts the perilous obstacles laid out by the Colchian king, Aeetes. Complicating his quest is the bewitching witch Medea, whose motives intertwine with Jason’s quest in unexpected ways. 



This graphic novel is an engaging entry point for children to explore the rich tapestry of Greek mythology, presented in a visual format that captures the adventure and drama of Jason's epic saga.

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